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Company Profile

MonAmi produces an extraordinary array of writing instruments ranging from metal roller ball pens, to highlighters, to permanent markers, to gel ink pens.well over 200 product styles.

Without question, MonAmi offers the widest range and selection of writing instruments in the market today, from a single manufacturer, and is working to develop more everyday.

The reasons for MonAmi's success:

A commitment to servicing the office products community by providing product innovation , superior value , excellence in quality , and the highest levels of service .

These fundamentals , coupled with a commitment to remain at the forefront in low cost manufacturing technologies, ensure a vendor that can meet customer needs today and tomorrow.

We have the technology, financial resources and capacity to satisfy your requirements everyday and during peak seasons.

MonAmi employs manufacturing technology systems that produce well over a half billion writing instruments annually.all with an ISO9002 certification. The commitment during production is zero defects. All products are inspected by automated and computerized quality assurance methods, detecting any non-conforming product. We believe that this commitment to superior quality products is the only way to ensure the consumers' ultimate satisfaction. Additionally, MonAmi has taken great pains to make sure that all products are safe through the diligence of our research and development teams in obtaining ASTM D-4236 certification.


MonAmi's product offering is extraordinary!

No other manufacturer gives you as many choices.from a single source:

Fact: MonAmi can manufacture virtually any writing instrument at the highest quality levels and the most competitive prices.

  • Highlighters
  • Roller Ball Pens
  • Markers
  • Fashion Pens
  • Jeller (Gel) Ink Pens
  • Ball Point Pens
  • Porous Point Pens
  • Mechanical Pencils & Leads

.With packaging and presentation :

What is the requirement?

  • Boxed
  • Blister Carded
  • Wallets
  • Pouches
  • Permanent Displays
  • Semi-Permanent Displays
  • Power Wings
  • Dump Displays
  • Skid Pack Displays
  • Something new?

MonAmi can do it all - and more - with innovative in-house capability to ensure creativity, efficiency and quality every step along the way.

Just let us know your requirements.

MonAmi is focused. We manufacture in facilities that are dedicated to writing instruments and their related components. We have total control over all aspects of these processes at all times.

So, when you deal with MonAmi , you deal with MonAmi . the "buck stops" with us! And, we guarantee everything we sell, no exceptions.

•  Manufacturing Innovation for almost 44years

•  ISO9002 certified Quality that ensures problem free products

•  Competitive Price positioning and Value awareness

•  Unsurpassed Quality.Unmatched Value

In the final value analysis.

MonAmi .there is no comparison!


•  Production should be in excess of 750,000,000 units in 2003

•  Business done in over 100 countries

•  MonAmi holds over a 50% market share in the Korean domestic market

Principal Markets:

•  Mass Market; Discounters; Drug Chains; Food Chains

•  Office Products Deals (retail and commercial) and Wholesalers; College Bookstores; Art Dealers; Educational Supply Dealers